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Student Veterinary Practice Category

Tertiary category only

The Murdoch Business School’s Best Entrepreneur Business Plan Competition is conducted to help support young entrepreneurs in successful business planning. The overall aim of the competition is to help develop business concepts to a professional standard that will allow the entrepreneur to pursue self employment opportunities. Advice professional feedback will be provided to submissions.

The Veterinary Practice Category which has a Prize of $1000.00 is designed to support veterinary students to identify both self and general employment and practice ownership opportunities for veterinarians.

Employment and practice ownership opportunities for veterinarians are expected to grow similarly to those for all occupations through the year 2005. The number of pets is expected remain stable. The employment outlook appears especially good for veterinarians with specialty training. Most jobs for specialists will be in metropolitan areas. New practices will predominantly be established in areas of new suburban development. With the changing nature of veterinary practices and the involvement of veterinarians in non traditional animal health care there is also expected future employment opportunities in aquaculture, comparative medical research, and international disease control and food production programs.

Veterinary Practice Category Business Plan Submission
The Veterinary Practice category is slightly different from the main competition submissions. The veterinary group participants are expected to submit a business plan for the establishment of new veterinary practice or present the results of market analysis as to specific new growth areas of graduate employment. The emphasis of assessment for the submission and presentation will focus on the market research performed and the veterinary opportunities identified. To be eligible for the Veterinary Practice Category the group must have at least one current veterinary student.

Best Entrepreneur Veterinary Practice Plan (Prize $1000.00)

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